Bold Weave Turkish-Style Kilim Mats



Embrace the timeless appeal of a traditional flat weave mat, when you bring home one of our Bold Weave Turkish-Style Kilim Mats. Crafted using 100% cotton, these mats will appeal in any setting, with their simplistic, traditional, nomadic designs and motifs, and will effortlessly transform any space. There is nothing outdated about a Kilim mat, and you will find them to be a decorator's delight, as past and present merge to complement many current and upcoming décor tastes and trends.


Type: Kilim Mats
Material: 100% Cotton
Style: Turkish Kilim
Patterns: Traditional Turkish designs, available in 10 unique patterns.
Technique: Hand woven
Use: Decorative kilim mats for living room, parlor, hallway, bathroom, bedroom.
Washing: Hand wash
Shape: Rectangular
Sizes: 60cm x 90cm; 60cm x 130cm.


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