Nordic Cubism Wallpaper & Furniture Decals



Create a stunning feature wall that truly stands out from the rest with the Nordic Cubism Wallpaper & Furniture Decals. Using a striking 3D geometric pattern in a gorgeous pastel green or gray tone, it has never been easier to redesign the look and feel of your spaces. Perfect when applied to the walls in your home, or when used to re-imagine old or out-dated furniture for a fresh new look and feel. Or why not create an uplifting and productive office space, or add a modern and edgy look to the inside of your cafe or restaurant? The options are endless with these fantastic wallpaper and furniture decals!

Made from high-quality eco-friendly PVC, with a high-grade matte textured finish and self-adhesive sticker backing, these furniture and wall decals are waterproof, oil-proof, and mildew and moisture resistant. They are also super easy to install, and even easier to remove. Available in rolls of a single size, in packages of one, two, or three rolls.



Type: Designer Wallpaper Decals, Wall Decals, Furniture Decals, Wall Stickers, Furniture Stickers.

Material: High-quality PVC

Material Texture Finish: High-Grade Matte Surface

Style: Geometric

Pattern: 3D Geometric

Colors: Green, Gray

Features: Made from high-quality eco-friendly PVC. Self-adhesive, removable, waterproof, and oil, mildew, and moisture resistant.

Use: Decal wallpaper for living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, or study. Can be applied to painted walls, doors, glass, ceramic tiles, metal surfaces, wooden surfaces, and plastic surfaces. Perfect for use as wallpaper on walls, or as furniture stickers for furniture when re-purposing for a fresh look and feel on an out-dated piece.

Installation: Simply peel and stick to any clean, smooth surface.

Roll Size: 53cm (Width) x 122cm (Height) / 20.86" (W) x 48.03" (H)

Package Includes: Nordic Cubism Wallpaper & Furniture Decal - available in packages of 1 Piece, 2 Pieces, or 3 Pieces.


Installation Instructions:

1) Clean the desired surface. Ensure the surface is dry and free from dust.

2) Partially tear off the sticker backing, align the desired position, and slowly apply the decal sticker. 

3) Use a hair-dryer to heat the sticker, then wipe the surface of the decal with a smooth cloth to squeeze out any air bubbles. This will make the decal flatter and more firm, and extend the life of the sticker.

Note: When using to create tile decals, remove the protective film on the surface of the sticker for a less-smooth surface with extra grip.



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