Space Saving Folding Compact Ironing Board

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When living in a small space, like an apartment, Tiny Home, or other compact house, it is important to find space for the essential household items, without ruining your decor setting and creating a cramped and claustrophobic space. Avoid this problem by installing the new Space Saving Folding Compact Ironing Board, which not only saves space, but can also be cleverly hidden away and out of sight when not in use. Install in a cupboard or cabinet drawer, then simply slide it out on its smooth rail system, unfold the sturdy hinged board to extend it to it's full length, and finally rest it on the strong Iron metal extendable arm for support. Easily reverse these steps to collapse the board and slide it away again to cleverly hide it out of sight. 

Created using the highest quality Aluminum Alloy fittings to create the intelligent rail system, it is quick and easy to extend and reduce smoothly each and every time. Fitted and finished with a stylish neutral Beige cloth fabric ironing board cover, this intelligent solution will suit any space and home decor setting.


Type: Space Saving Folding Compact Ironing Board

Material: Aluminum Alloy (fittings), Iron Tube (support stand), Wood (ironing board), Cloth Fabric (board cover).

Style: Modern

Cover Color: Beige

Features: Intelligent Aluminum Alloy fittings and rail system design, with a strong Iron metal support stand, a sturdy and durable wooden ironing board. fitted with durable hinges. Beige cloth fabric ironing board cover included.

Use: Folding compact ironing board to save space in small living spaces, such as apartments, Tiny Homes, or other compact houses. Install in storage cupboard or cabinet draw, to hide out of sight when not in use. Simply slide out, then unfold ironing board to extend. Reverse steps to retract and fold down again to store.

Suitable for Cabinet Size: 40cm (Width) x 60cm (Depth) and larger.

Folding Angle: 180 degrees

Sizes (cm): Length - 122cm (Fully Extended); Length - 50cm (Fully Closed); Width - 26.3cm; Height - 11.5cm /

Sizes (inches): Length - 48.03" (Fully Extended); Length - 31.50" (L) (Fully Closed); Width - 11.81"; Height - 4.53".

Installation: Make sure that your cupboard or cabinet drawer is at least 30cm wide and 60cm deep to give the ironing board room to operate properly. Install using fittings which are provided in the package, and drill screws into shelf or drawer surface to secure.

Package includes: 1 x Folding Ironing Board, including cloth Cover, and all required Fittings.



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