Stackable Shoe Storage & Organizer Rack

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Maximize the storage possibilities in your small living space, such as an apartment or Tiny Home, with the Stackable Shoe Storage & Organizer Rack. Stackable and collapsible, these shoe storage racks will create a whole new dimension in your wardrobe or entryway, adding extra room to store your shoes, and keeping your spaces neat, tidy, and well organized at the same time.

Sleek, stylish, and made from high-quality and durable Polypropylene plastic (PP), each piece easily stacks one on top of the other to build vertically, or into the side of each other to build horizontally. This gives you the option to build a rack that has as many levels and rows as you need to store all of your shoes, no matter how many that may be! Simply slot one onto the other to build, using the provided slots on each piece; and then just as easily pull them apart again to break the rack down when not in use.

Store heels and boots using the smart hanging space option, or flats and sneakers on the deep shelf ledge. Available in sets of 1 Piece, 2 Pieces, or 3 Pieces, and two neutral colors.



Type:  Storage Holders & Racks, Plastic Shoe Organizer Racks

Material: Polypropylene Plastic (PP)

Style: Modern

Colors: Light Gray or Beige

Features: Made from high-quality PP plastic, racks are stackable and collapsible. Clip racks together to stack with easy clip function. 

Use: Shoe racks organizer for closet or entryway. 

Size: 21.5cm (Width) x 18.5cm (Depth) x 25.5cm (Height)

Package Includes: 1 x Stackable Shoe Storage & Organizer Rack, either in a set of 1 Piece, 2 Pieces, or 3 Pieces. Each piece holds one pair of shoes.



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