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Storage & Space Savers for Tiny Homes

Storage & Space Savers for Tiny Homes

We understand that living in a Tiny Home can present many challenges when it comes to making the most of your limited space, as well as storing and utilizing all of your essential household items. So to solve this problem it can be a great idea to take advantage of some of the amazing space saving ideas and products that are out there.

With this in mind, we have sourced some of the best and smartest ideas to help make your Tiny Home not only super liveable, but also look great at the same time.

Our criteria for classifying a product or idea as a "Space Saver", is that it needs to solve a household problem while taking up less space than the original and most common method, or it needs to be a fresh and inventive way to store or use household items.

Read on to find some of the best (and our favorite) storage and space saving ideas for your Tiny Home's kitchen, bathroom and laundry, and bedroom and wardrobe. So without further ado, let's dive in!


Kitchen Storage & Space Savers

Storage & Space Saving ideas for Tiny Homes, in a beautiful white tiled small kitchen, at Estilo Living.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home, and every inch of space really matters here. This especially counts in Tiny Homes, where kitchen bench space is even more limited. A great way to work around this is to begin to make use of the areas of your kitchen which are usually forgotten about or overlooked.

1. Use the Space Above Your Sink

Use a stylish dish rack that is designed to fit perfectly over the sink. By "going vertical", you are able to store and dry your dishes over the sink, leaving the rest of your bench space for other uses.

A great example of this is the Markson Over the Sink Kitchen Organization & Drying Rack, which is perfect for stacking and organizing your kitchen utensils and dishes, without taking up any of the little bench space beside your sink. Safely store dishes and cutlery after washing, or store and display fresh fruit and vegetables, all while keeping your kitchen sides neat, tidy, and well organized.

Markson Kitchen Shelf Drying Rack for small homes, at Estilo Living

Another great way to utilize the often wasted space above your kitchen sink, is to use a specially designed chopping board which effortlessly positions to cover the sink itself. This essentially adds a whole new extension to your usable kitchen bench space, creating the perfect area for chopping vegetables and preparing food.

2. Use The Space Above Your Microwave

The space above your microwave is another area that is mostly unused. This is the perfect space to add a shelf or two, but installation can be a little tricky in this confined space. The perfect solution comes in the form of the Adjustable Moran Microwave Shelf Rack. Keeping the kitchen bench neat and well organised, it features a steel top and second shelf, with hooks on the side for extra hanging storage. A much needed addition to any kitchen, which adds super functionality.

Adjustable Moran Microwave Shelf Rack for small kitchen storage, from Estilo Living

3. Install Wall Shelves

Some of the best Space Savers are those that can neatly fold away and out of sight when they are not being used, essentially opening up space that would otherwise be taken up by conventional household items. A perfect solution for this is to maximize your kitchen space with intelligent collapsible wall shelves, such as the Dynamic Folding Wall Mounted Storage Shelves, which are super-handy in the way that they are fully collapsible, folding up and away when not in use, and giving you that extra space back when you need it. Alternatively, install these shelves in your bathroom for the perfect way to store soaps and bottles, or hanging gloves and scrubbing brushes.

Dynamic Folding Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for small kitchen wall storage, from Estilo Living

4. Install Storage Racks

Keep your kitchen neat, tidy, and well organized, and never struggle to find what you're looking for again, when you install a wall mounted or magnetic storage rack. Easy to install, and excellent for safely and conveniently storing jars, knives, utensils, kitchen sets, paper towel , and almost any other kitchen accessories in one easy to reach location. With that being said, here are three different types of storage racks that we highly recommend for your home:

I. Wall Mounted Storage Racks

Simply attach to the wall, and use this fantastic rack to store dishes, cutlery, utensils, sauces bottles and spice jars. There is even room for a chopping board. With several different sized and oriented racks to choose from, the Claren Wall-Mounted Utensil Storage Racks Collection is, in our opinion, the ultimate resource for kitchen organization, and even more-so when living in a Tiny Home!

Claren Wall-Mounted Utensil Storage Racks Collection for small kitchen storage, from Estilo Living


II. Magnetic Racks for your Fridge

The fridge is the single largest appliance in your home, and is, of course, a necessity that you cannot live without. But when space is limited, as it very much is in a Tiny Home, and you can't live without the large object (the fridge) that is taking up most of it, what can you do? Well, why not attach a kitchen storage rack right onto the outside of your fridge. The Trenton Magnetic Refrigerator Rack is the perfect option for adding extra storage and display space for your spice jars or other kitchen items, as well as for hanging your kitchen paper towel and important utensils, all at the same time. Rustic yet modern, this stylishly practical rack is fully magnetic, giving it the ability to simply attach to the outside of your metal fridge.

The Trenton Magnetic Refrigerator Rack & Shelves for small kitchen storage, from Estilo Living

III. Magnetic Knife Racks

Another great idea is to install a magnetic knife and utensil rack in your kitchen to store your knives and other utensils safely out of the way. For this purpose, we recommend the Wall-Mounted Magnetic Knife Rack & Utensil Holder, which not only looks great, but is incredibly well designed, and boasts a double-bar system with a strong magnetic pull to securely hold all of your knives and utensils.

Wall-Mounted Magnetic Knife Rack & Utensil Holder for small kitchen storage, from Estilo Living


Or if you're looking for something a little more rustic, the Butler Wall Mounted Wooden Magnetic Knife Rack might be more what you're looking for. Fully magnetic as well, except the Butler is finished with a classic wooden look.

5. Use a Mobile Cart Table

Maximize the bench and storage possibilities in your kitchen with a mobile kitchen cart or butcher's bench. Not only does it add extra bench space, but it can also be moved to whichever part of the kitchen you need it most, before being easily wheeled away into storage when not in use.

For this, we recommend the Charleston Kitchen Trolley Cart on Wheels. This bench cart boasts two drawers, three metal baskets and three shelf panels, and is built to last. There is space enough to store your most important kitchen supplies, tableware items, or  even fruits and vegetables in the three metal baskets underneath; or hold up to 6 bottles of wine in it's two wine shelves. In addition to being used as a kitchen cart, it can also be utilized as a small table in other areas of your home when needed.


The Charleston Kitchen Trolley Cart on Wheels for small kitchen storage, from Estilo Living

6. Keep Your Pots and Pans in Order

One of the messiest parts of anyone's kitchen is always the pots and pans cupboard or drawer. As these pans are mostly all different shapes and sizes, it makes it almost impossible to keep them well stacked and, therefore, well organized. This dis-organization takes up a lot of space, and therefore is not something that you can have when living in a Tiny House or small home. This is where an amazing space saving idea like the Bristol Pan and Lid Holder comes in handy. Stand it up to stack all of your pans vertically; or turn it on it's side, reposition the arms, and use it to slot all of your pans side by side. The shape of your kitchen will dictate the orientation that you decide to use.


The Bristol Pan and Lid Holder for small kitchen storage, from Estilo Living

Shop Now: Bristol Pan and Lid Holder


For all of these amazing products, plus many more, visit our Kitchen Storage for Tiny Homes Collection.


Bathroom & Laundry Storage

Bathroom & Laundry Storage solutions and ideas for Tiny Homes and small living spaces, at Estilo Living.

The bathroom is one of those essential rooms which most of us look at as an area that is limited to whatever permanent cupboard space it already has. But with a little imagination, and with the use of some intelligent space saving ideas, ample extra storage space can be found or created. For example, using the area above the toilet or washing machine is often prime real estate that is overlooked. But thanks to some amazing space saving products that we have found, this area can now be opened up in great new ways for you to take full advantage of.

1. Use the Space Above Your Toilet

Add storage and organizing space instantly with our Hayden Space Saving Over the Toilet Shelves. These amazing two and three tiered shelves are perfect for utilizing the vertical space in your bathroom or laundry. Versatile and functional, yet sleek and stylish, these stand racks arch above the toilet or washing machine to create extra storage space for those essential bathroom items. 

Hayden Space Saving Over The Toilet Shelves for toilet bathroom storage for small homes, from Estilo Living

2. Find Space in Unusual Places

Mobile trolley shelves are essentially shelves on wheels, and make for the perfect solution for utilizing the usually unused space between your bathroom cabinet and toilet, the wall and washing machine, or even the kitchen side and the fridge. Reclaiming this extra space can make a huge difference in your home, and could just be that little bit extra that you needed to keep your house well organized and fully functional. For this, we recommend the Mobile Trolley Storage Shelves on Wheels.


Mobile Trolley Storage Shelves on Wheels for kitchen and bathroom storage, from Estilo Living

3. Add a Retractable Clothes Line

Retractable clothes Lines are a perfect space saver, and essential for any Tiny Home. Gone are the days of needing a huge permanent washing rack or clothes line installed on the side of your house or in your back yard. With a retractable clothes line, minimal space is required, and installation has never been so easy. Simply secure  the main clothes line unit onto a wall surface, and attach the anchor plate onto the opposite wall. From there, just pull out and attach the lines to the anchor plate on the opposite wall, and there you have it, a perfectly functional clothes line. As soon as you have finished using it, simply retract the lines, and it watch as it neatly folds away to a minimal size.

The Easton Retractable Clothes Line is a great example of a single-lined option, perfect for hanging small amounts of washing, or using clothes hangers to hang larger loads side by side. Alternatively, it can also be used in your bedroom as a retractable wardrobe rail for clothes hangers, to neatly hang your good shirts or dresses.


The Easton Retractable Clothes Line for small space bedroom wardrobe and laundry storage solutions for Tiny Homes, at Estilo Living.

4. Install Collapsible Mirrors and Lights

Add a collapsible mirror to your Tiny House's bathroom, which easily folds away, and out of sight, on an accordion system when not in use. This is perfect when you require a shaving or makeup mirror, but don;t have ample space to add a large one. Simply pull your mirror out to extend the arm, and then just as easily fold it away again on it's retractable arm when you're done. This great idea also applies to lighting. Install a retractible lamp to add a little extra light in your living areas or kitchen, or even a reading light in your bedroom loft.

A great example of a collapsible bathroom mirror is the Adjustable LED Makeup and Bathroom Mirror.


Adjustable LED Makeup and Bathroom Mirror for Tiny Home bathroom space saving solutions, at Estilo Living.

5. Use Hooks and Racks

Just like in the kitchen, hooks and racks are extremely valuable ways to create extra storage space, and keep your belongings up off the floor and out of the way, so that your floor area is neat and tidy. For example, install singular hooks, or an entire rack of hooks, on the back of the bathroom door or on the empty wall space. This gives you the opportunity to hang towels and clothes, or even store your mop and other cleaning products. Or why not hang a storage basket from them and keep all of your toiletries well organized in one place.

The Alva Wooden Hook Rack is a beautifully designed option that is not only super-useful, but also stylish in it's appearance, and perfect for your bathroom storage needs.

Shop Now: Alva Wooden Hook Rack


For all of these products, plus many more, visit our Bathroom Storage for Tiny Homes Collection.


Bedroom & Wardrobe Storage

Storage & Space Saving Ideas in a beautiful Tiny Home bedroom, at Estilo Living.

The bedroom and wardrobe are two of the smallest areas in most Tiny Homes, so it is important to make the most out of every inch of space that you can find. In this case, we are going to show you how to create extra space and storage opportunities by using some intelligent space savers. Also, with just one simple and cost effective trick, we can show you that the bedroom, or loft, also offers one of the best ways to add some much needed storage space to your tiny house.

1. Use Wardrobe Hanging Storage Shelves

Hanging storage shelves are the perfect solution when you don't have the space to add a real shelf unit into your wardrobe area. Store shoes, clothes, socks and underwear, or anything else that you would usually stack on your wardrobe shelves, and then simply hang it on the wardrobe hanger rail. When they are not being used, these soft shelves simply fold up and pack neatly away. We recommend the Mesh Hanging Handbag Wardrobe Organizer or the Hanging Fabric Wardrobe Storage Shelves.

Hanging wardrobe storage hanging organizer for Tiny Homes, at Estilo Living.

 Shop Now: Mesh Hanging Handbag Wardrobe Organizer  

Shop Now: Hanging Fabric Wardrobe Storage Shelves 

2. Organize Your Socks

This not only applies to your socks, but pretty much anything that you store in your wardrobe. When living in a Tiny Home, you know just how important it is to have well organized cupboard space, and this especially applies to the wardrobe. If you have limited space to store your socks and underwear, you will find it important to know that you can greatly reduce the area that they take up if you organize them neatly and efficiently. But when every inch of space inside your Tiny House counts, neatly storing your unmentionables in one compact, stackable box starts to sound like a pretty good idea. Large amounts of space can be saved, or created, by simply employing a little organization. A great way to do this is to use wardrobe organizer boxes.

We recommend the Foldable Drawer Organizer Box, or if you're looking for something a little cuter, why not check out the Heartfull Bra and Underwear Organizer Box

Shoe storage organizer box for Tiny Home wardrobe storage, at Estilo Living.

Shop Now: Foldable Drawer Organizer Box 

Shop Now: Heartfull Bra and Underwear Organizer Box

Both storage boxes are perfect for neatly packing away and storing your unmentionables and other items, such as shoes, belts, and pretty much anything else that you can think of, eliminating the need for a larger drawer or shelf to store them in.

3. Use Boxes for Storage Under Your Bed

Some of the most under-utilized space in your entire home is the large unused area underneath your bed. To make the most of this space, add low, flat storage boxes, preferably with small wheels and a lid, under your bed and use them as storage drawers. These are perfect for shoes, clothes, or other miscellaneous household items in need of a good home. Then when you need to access any of your things, simply slide the boxes out from under the bed in one smooth motion.


For all of these great products, plus many more, visit our Wardrobe Storage for Tiny Homes Collection.


So there you have it, a collection of some of our favorite Storage and Space Saving Ideas for Tiny Homes. Of course, these solutions aren't restricted to Tiny Homes only, and can be used to great advantage in any small living space, such as an apartment or other compact home. You can find all of these amazing products and ideas, plus many more, in our Storage Solutions for Tiny Homes Collection.

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