Bedside Solutions


      "We absolutely love the effect that Estilo Living's products have had on our home. We have finally been able to style it the way we always wanted to, and it is so much more organized than ever before."

      Patricia Williams - Utah, USA

      40 products

      40 products

      No room for a Nightstand or Bedside Table? At Estilo Living, we have turned your small bedroom stresses into small bedroom solutions with our Bedside Solutions Collection. Just because you have a small bedroom doesn't mean that you have to have a small bedroom experience. No matter how tight the space is, one thing you can't live without is room for all of your bedside essentials. If you have no room for a bedside table, or only a small amount of space to accommodate all of your storage and décor needs, not to worry, we have done the hard work for you, and sourced the best alternative beside solutions to breathe life back into this important room. Our Bedside Solutions Collection includes alternatives to bedside tables and common bedroom fixtures, such as Space Saving Furniture, which has multiple uses and does not take up as much room as a nightstand, Floating Wall Shelves, Wall Lights and Sconces, Hanging Pendant Lights, Bedside Table Lamps, Bedside Storage, Bedside Trays, Bedside Décor, Bedside Stools, and even Humidifiers and Diffusers to help create a beautiful and unique smell for your bedroom. Perfect for small living spaces, such as apartments, Tiny Homes, and other compact houses.