Lilian Handmade Ceramic Vase Collection



Designed with love, the ceramic Lilian Vase Collection is painted by hand for a classic look on these vases. Resembling the classic era of Monet, they have a luxurious appeal and are ideal for showcasing fresh garden cuttings. Tabletop Ceramic Flowerpot Vase



Type: Handmade Ceramic Porcelain Vases Blue and White

Material: Ceramic Porcelain

Style: Country Farmhouse

Colors: White and Blue

Options: Tall Vase, Short Vase, Set of 2 (Tall and Short Vase)

Use: Tabletop vases for decorative feature pieces.

Sizes: Tall Vase - 22cm (Height) x 13cm (Width); Short Vase - 10cm (H) x 11cm (W).

Package Includes: 1 x Lilian Handmade Ceramic Vase (either Tall Vase or Short Vase); or Set of 2 Vases (1 x Tall Vase and 1 x Short Vase)



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