Pet Cooling Mats + Beds


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3 products

Browse our collection of quality dog cooling mats and cat cooling mats, and give your pet the perfect place to rest their paws and cool down. We stock a variety of pet cooling pads and beds that will keep your pet comfortable both home and when you're travelling.

A pet cooling pad or pet cooling mat is special bedding that intends to cool down your pet. There are several types of cooling mats which work differently but they all strive to do the same: restore your dog’s body temperature to normal in as little time as possible.

Our pet mats can be used inside kennels and cages, on top of bedding for extra comfort, or on its own as a resting place indoors or outdoors. These mats feature a special cooling gel inner lining that keeps the mats surface cold even on the hottest of summer days. These are simple and easy to use as they require no refrigeration, simply allow your dog or cat to lie down and watch their temperature decrease.