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If you regularly find yourself asking "How do I find privacy in my Tiny House, Apartment or Small Space?", then we have the perfect solutions for you in our Privacy Solutions Collection. Small homes mean small shared spaces, and therefore lack of privacy. Everyone needs their own space sometimes, and when working with a small living space or Tiny Home, the best way to achieve this is with the use of solutions such as Privacy Screens and Barriers, Decorative Curtains, Space Dividers, Room Dividers with Shelves, Screens for Room Dividers, Beaded Curtains for Doorways, Decorative Screens, Multipurpose Space Dividers with Storage, Frosted Glass Decals, plus much more.

A great idea is to use privacy screens that don’t block the view, while also having the option to be packed away to save space when not in use. This will provide the privacy you need, while allowing you the flexibility to place them wherever you need them most throughout your home, while our unique privacy screen solutions and shelves will also provide extra storage opportunities at the same time. Another great solution is the use of Decorative Decals and Films to create Frosted Glass, which will provide privacy to your internal and external window surfaces, while still letting in plenty of natural light. Or why not use Curtains to divide a room or add a privacy screen between rooms, by draping them across a doorway or nook. All of these ideas can be a wonderful way to boost the privacy in your small home, providing personal space within, as well as privacy from the outside world, all while adding a beautifying touch to your space.