Toy Storage Bags + Play Mats


      "We absolutely love the effect that Estilo Living's products have had on our home. We have finally been able to style it the way we always wanted to, and it is so much more organized than ever before."

      Patricia Williams - Utah, USA

      2 products

      2 products

      Our Toy Storage Bags and Play Mats create a fun, comfortable, sensory and interactive mat for your kids and babies. The Toy Storage Bags and Play Mats are made from extra sturdy cotton canvas that is safe for your little one, as well as easy to clean functionality.

      With a range of colors and patterns to choose from, these Toy Storage Bags and Play Mats will add style and much needed space for your Kids Room, Nursery and even your Living Room. Ideal for Duplo, Lego, blocks, dress-ups, balls, toddler toys, dolls, cars, craft, sensory play & more!

      To use the Toy Storage Bags and Play Mats, firstly spread the Mat out for play by releasing the drawstrings and lay flat. When it is time to pack away, just pull on the drawstring rope and it will gather everything neatly into the Bag. Hang it up to store out of the way or leave it gathered ready for the next play time.