Live Big in your Small Apartment.

Make the very most of every inch of your apartment, and truly bring it to life, no matter how big or small. Let us show you how to decorate and compliment your small apartment spaces, by creating maximum impact with minimal items, and finding extra room by incorporating stylish storage solutions that are perfectly suited for size-challenged homes.

Kitchen + Dining

Create extra space with our small apartment kitchen ideas and dining solutions.


Not enough space to do the dishes? When working with a small kitchen, every inch of space counts. Find smart and stylish ways to utilize the often unused area above, under, and over your kitchen sink.

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Kitchen Countertop

Struggling with not having enough countertop space in your kitchen? We have you covered. Our collection of small kitchen countertop ideas will help you create space where there previously wasn't any.

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cooking + BAKING

With small kitchens come small cooking spaces. That's why we've found the best cooking and baking solutions to help you store and organize all of your important kitchen and cooking items and essentials.

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The Ultimate

Food Storage Collection

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Bedroom + Wardrobe

When it comes to small bedrooms with limited wardrobe space, good storage and organization is a must.

Wardrobe Storage

If wardrobe space is tight, then our smart wardrobe storage and organization solutions are just what you need. Hang and organize your clothes and accessories without adding extra unwanted clutter.

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Bedside Solutions

Is your bedroom too small to comfortably add a bedside table or bedside lighting? Not a problem. Find wall shelves, pendant lights and more, all perfectly suited to the small bedroom space.

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Organize your Space

Unsure of where to store all of your various personal accessories? Find great storage ideas such as jewelry and makeup storage, storage trays, dresser and night stand storage, plus much more.

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The Stylish

Small Bedroom