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Creature comforts for your furry friends.


Shop our range of Calming Pet Beds for both cats and dogs. Give your pet the perfect place to rest and relax, soothing their nerves and reducing daily stress and anxiety as they snooze til their heart's content in plush bliss!

Snuffle Mats

An interactive enrichment puzzle, the Snuffle Mat will encourage your dog's natural foraging skills while they search for their food, treats or toys amongst the colorful felt folds, and keep them mentally stimulated all day long.


Cat Tunnels

Engage your cat's natural nose for curiosity and adventure with one of our fun yet stylish Cat Tunnels. Proven to help reduce daily stress and anxiety by giving your pet a safe space to rest or play, the cat tunnel is a must have.


Scratching Trees

Find the perfect Cat Scratching Tree to keep your cat amused, entertained and highly active, while simultaneously keeping their claws short and healthy at the same time with our fun and playful cat trees scratching posts.


Round Plush

Calming Cat Cave

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