Hanging Fabric Wardrobe Storage Shelves



Maximize the storage possibilities in your wardrobe with these Hanging Fabric Wardrobe Storage Shelves. Soft and collapsable, these shelves will add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe, adding extra space to store your shoes, belts, ties, or to just keep your folded clothes neat and tidy. To add an extra level of storage, add on a Storage Box, which will slide directly into one of the shelf spaces.


Type: Hanging Wardrobe Storage Shelves

Material: Non-Woven Fabric

Style: Modern

Uses: Shoes, clothes, belts, wardrobe storage shelves.

Options: Add storage boxes made to fit shelves.

Size / Tiers:  

Drawer box: 24.6*24.6*18.5 cm/ 9.69*9.69*7.28'' 

3-layer organizer: 27*27*60 cm/ 10.63*10.63*23.62'' 

4-layer organizer: 27*27*80 cm/ 10.63*10.63*31.50'' 

5-layer organizer:  27*27*100 cm/ 10.63*10.63*39.37'' 


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