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Snazzy Adjustable PVC Dog Harness and Leash

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Color: Blush Pink
Size: X-Small

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Create outdoor adventures for you and your furry friend with the Snazzy Adjustable PVC Dog Harness and Leash. This sleek and stylish dog harness is comfy & secure, meaning that you can now take your dog on outings of all shapes and sizes - whether you’re exploring nature, travelling to the Vet for a check-up, or just hanging out together in the backyard.

Created using the highest-quality PVC and Scuba Knitting Fabric, and lined with a padded mesh making this style form fitting and the ultimate comfort for your pup. The harness minimizes the chance of strain from pulling, and also is an escape proof dog harness. 

Super quick and easy to pop on and take off with its fast-release buckles, simply slide the harness over your pet's head, adjust the straps, and you're ready to go! The harness also comes equipped with a stylish matching leash.

Available in 13 stylish colors to suit any dog's individual personality and style, and 5 sizes to suit a large range of dog breeds, from small dogs to large dogs.



    • Comfortable Padded Vest, relieving your dog from any stress on it's neck as it hugs the pet with a flexible material that does not restrict your pet's natural movements.
    • Perfectly designed for easy walking, jogging, running, hiking, or even training.
    • Adjustable buckles, to ensure pet not easy to escape, easy to wear, and convenient to adjust.
    • Soft edge and resilient cushioning.
    • Vest-style design that evenly distributes leash pressure across the chest and shoulder.
    • Comes with a matching leash.
    • Available in 13 stylish colors, and 5 sizes.



    Type: Dog Vest Harness with Leash, Dog Harness Escape Proof, Dog Harness and Leash, Dog Harness Vest.

    Material: PVC, Scuba Knitting Fabric, Nylon.

    Colors: Blush Pink, Lilac Dreams, Butter Yellow, Sleek Black, Ocean Blue, Vivid Red, Earthy Rust, Ice Gray, Chic Green, Smooth Blue, Island Sand, Rich Brown, Mint Green.

    Features: Each dog harness is created from high-quality and durable fabric, for a harness that will last a lifetime, while remaining beautifully soft for your pup. Comes with a matching stylish leash. The harness is easy to pop on and take off with its fast-release buckles.

    Use: The dog harness is a comfy & secure that can take you and your pup on adventures of all shapes and sizes - whether you’re exploring nature, crossing town to the vets, or just hanging out together in the backyard.

    Suitable Pets: Suitable for most dog breeds. Please check our size measurements and measure your dog before purchasing.

    Wash Style: Easy rinse and go, wash in cold to warm water. Do not soak.

    Package Includes: 1 x Snazzy Adjustable PVC Dog Harness and Leash Set, in your choice of color.


    Size Guide 

    Harness Size


    Neck 20 - 28cm / 7.87" - 11.02"

    Chest 30 - 38cm / 11.81" - 14.96"


    Neck 25 - 35cm / 9.84" - 13.78"

    Chest 35 - 56cm / 13.78" - 22.05"


    Neck 30 - 46cm / 11.81" - 18.11"

    Chest 46 - 71cm / 18.11" - 27.95"


    Neck 40 - 53cm / 15.75" - 20.87"

    Chest 61 - 97cm / 24.02" - 38.19"


    Neck 50 - 70cm / 19.69" - 27.56"

    Chest 70 - 100cm / 27.56" - 39.37"


    Leash Size


    Length 150cm / 59.06"

    Width 1.9cm / 0.75"

    Thickness 0.35cm / 0.14"


    Length 180cm / 70.87"

    Width 1.9cm / 0.75"

    Thickness 0.35cm / 0.14"


    Length 180cm / 70.87"

    Width 2.5cm / 0.98"

    Thickness 0.35cm / 0.14"

    Please note: X-Small Set comes with size Small leash, and X-Large comes with size Large leash.


    Size Breed Examples

    X-Small: Mini Dachshund, Chihuahua, Maltese, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Small Puppies.

    Small: Jack Russell Terrier, Pug, Boston Terrier, Cavalier, Dachshund, Pomeranian.

    Medium: Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, French Bulldog, Whippet, Bull Terrier.

    Large: Border Collie, Kelpie, Standard Poodle, American Staffy, Boxer, Australian Shepherd.

    X-Large: Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever.

    Please Note: These are recommendations only. Please ensure that you measure your dog before purchasing, as all breeds can vary in measurements.


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