Waterproof Hanging Organizer Bags

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Keep your home neat, tidy, and well organized like never before with these amazing and incredibly popular Waterproof Hanging Organizer Bags. Perfect for keeping household items just where you need them - think bathroom accessories and makeup in one easy to reach location; your kid's toys off the floor and out of the way; your socks and underwear perfectly organized in your bedroom wardrobe, or your TV remote control and magazines hanging next to your favorite chair right where you need them. Hang in the bedroom wardrobe, the kitchen pantry, the laundry closet, or on a hook on the back of your kids' bedroom door.

Made from high-quality water-proof cotton and linen, with a sturdy wooden hanging bar, these storage bags are available in thirteen unique colors and designs. These wall hanging storage bags will not only be incredibly useful, but will also look great at the same time!



Type: Waterproof Hanging Organizer Bags

Material: Cotton and Linen, Wood, String

Pattern: Flamingos, Ships Ahoy, Green Kitchen

Colors: Pink, Red, Navy, Green, Blue, White, Black, Brown (Basket Effect).

Designs: Choose between two unique designs: Triple Pocket or Multi Pocket.

Features: Waterproof linen hanging organizer bags to protect items from moisture.

Use: Store and organize various household items in any room of the home.

Hanging String Thickness: 6 Wire

Sizes: Sizes differ between designs. Please see images for size guide.

Package Includes: 1 x Waterproof Hanging Organizer Bag.



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