Dog Life Jackets


5 products

5 products

Our Dog Life Jackets are a great way to teach your dog how to swim or to just gain some confidence in the water.

To keep your dog safe in the water, we ensure that our dog life jackets are crafted with only the highest quality materials and with careful construction.

The dog life jackets are not simply excellent fashion accessories, they also offer 50% more flotation in the water. The dog life jackets are also crafted with reflective material that will keep you visible well past dark and have an easy to grab handle, if you need to grab hold of your dog quickly, simply reach out and latch onto the handle on both of these dog life jackets. This convenient handle also helps you guide your pup both into and out of the water. 

All dog life vests are adjustable, so you will find a dog life jacket that fits your pup perfectly.