Dog Water Bottles

The Solution for Active Pups On The Go.

Keep your furry friend happy and hydrated, even while you're on the go, with our selection of multifunctional Portable Dog Water Bottles.

✨ Be sure that your pup is drinking clean and sanitary water at all times, and avoid dirty public water bowls.

✨ Portable, compact and light-weight - perfect for any number of outdoor activities, from daily walks to camping!

✨ One-handed dispensing system leaves your other hand free to securely hold your dog's leash at all times.

✨ Silicone leak-proof seals and lock buttons prevent any spills whilst walking, hiking or travelling.

✨ Made from high-quality Food Grade and Pet-Safe plastics, which are safe, durable and long lasting.

Portable Dog Water Bottle and Feeder

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4-in-1 Portable Dog Water Bottle

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Did You Know...

While your dog is quenching their thirst from a public water bowl, they could also be lapping up bacteria, viruses, or even parasites that could make them sick, including Giardia, Leptospirosis, Intestinal Worm Parasites, Coccidia, E. coli and Salmonella, or even Parvo and Canine Influenza Virus! ✨


Awesome design! I haven't seen a dog water bottle quite like this one before with the dry food feeder attached, so I wanted one for the full day trips that I take my dog on sometimes. Really happy with the whole package, and the service was great. Thanks!

Michele White

Cool bottle idea for pets. I have a couple of dogs, so I ordered 2 of them, and it really makes it so much easier than having to find a water source every time I take them out on a hot day. Good quality, and definitely recommended.

Derrick Wade